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What School didn´t teach us.

So you finish your career and you´re so excited to get out there and eat the world. Sure, you are aware you will be gaining experience but the feeling you get is like: what the he … !

At least for me it was so discomforting to see that almost all the things I was taught wasn´t a bit practical. So my Engineering Title was pretty much void in practical terms.

You might remember how to do stuff, how to build this or that… but things like:

  1. How to invest.
  2. How to build multiple streams of income.
  3. How to find even more mentors.
  4. How to fix credit and get a business line of credit.

which was the stuff I really needed to thrive, I had to start looking to learn somwhere or better yet, to find someone kind enough to teach me.

Basically, all the things school failed to teach me to set me up for success in the modern world.

That is why is so important for you to get fast and effective results to start looking for the right mentor. And also, keep reading and learning. But at the same time: applying, putting into practice.

So my advise for the day is Look for a Coach that suits you, that is practical, that resonates with you. It will start making all the difference. But most of all: PUT THINGS YOU LEARN INTO PRACTICE. TAKE ACTION!

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