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Welcome the Flamboyant!

There has been plenty of commentaries about the relationship between Trump and Putin over the last months.  The fact is that you can be in resonance with Trump or not, but he has been able to be all over the media everywhere. He has stirred lots of feelings worldwide.  He has taken into consideration previous bad relationships and lit some hope to renew them into new ways.

By being FLAMBOYANT, you definitely establish your PERSONA, your attractive character…  which is exactly a very important and necessary part of your marketing.  Sometimes you might polarize people, but, if you think about it:  it is better than being NEUTRAL.  As you start to create that polarization, it will change your “fair weather fans” into diehard fans.

It’s very interesting that we will spend as much time listening to, talking about, and sharing things from people that we might despise as we do treasuring wisdom from our favourite people.

If any of those characters weren´t so polarizing, chances are we wouldn´t even know who were they.

In the end, as Putin, states…,  ” He is FLAMBOYANT, and I specifically welcome the intention to restore relationships “.  No doubt Trump grabbed Putin’s attention.  JUST THE FACTS!

P.S. NO HYPE — JUST THE FACTS! Since early 2002 we have
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